The winery is located in Marlborough, New Zealand’s renowned Sauvignon Blanc producing region, but we also source grapes from all over New Zealand from both our own vineyards and contract growers alike. We can supply you with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Merlot and sparkling wines. Our portfolio also includes existing brands which are available for distribution or we can ‘tailor make’ brands to suit your individual needs.

Toi Toi

New Zealand

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Toi Toi Wines is dedicated to supplying you with superb New Zealand wines. Our winemaking philosophy is to create quality distinctive New Zealand wine by sourcing premium varietals from the regions is when they are most renowned, such as Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Carefully crafted by our wine making team, Toi Toi wines are well balanced, with fresh fruit flavours, round body and crisp character. The inspiration behind our brand is the New Zealand Toi Toi (pronounced Toy Toy), which is a graceful native New Zealand grass. 

There are four Toi Toi species that have naturally adapted to our awe inspiring and diverse sub-regional climates. We believe our wines are truly ‘Inspired by Nature’. The spiritual home of Toi Toi Wines is Brookdale Vineyard, which is situated in in the beautiful Omaka Valley in Marlborough.

Our Toi Toi portfolio boasts an array of varieties, with our Reserve Marlborough Riesling, Reserve Marlborough Pinot Gris and Central Otago ‘Clutha’ Pinot Noir all being awarded ‘Gold’ internationally. Whatever kind of wine you prefer there is a Toi Toi wine to suit every wine lover and every occasion.

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Staete Landt Wines

New Zealand

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When Abel Tasman first discovered New Zealand back in 1642, the name he gave to this land mass was Staete Landt” which means “Land (discovered in honour) of the Governors (Staete) (of the Dutch Republic)”.

More than 350 years on, Staete Landt” is the name for an emerging wine company founded by Ruud Maasdam and Dorien Vermaas, originally born in the Netherlands. The link between their new home and New Zealand’s discovery by one of their predecessors, was obvious: the perfect combination of their heritage and their future.

They uncovered a copy of the original map drawn by Abel Tasman. This very first and original map of New Zealand strongly influenced the label design for Staete Landt wines. Abel Tasman sailed the West Coast of New Zealand and quite accurately mapped the coastlines.

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Map Maker

New Zealand

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The Dutchman explorer and “Map Maker” Abel Tasman first came to New Zealand in 1642 - by “ship.” Another Dutchman, Ruud Maasdam, uprooted his family to New Zealand in 1996 - by “airship.” Ruud mapped out vineyards and a life for his family in the South Pacific, Aotearoa. Life changing, as it was for Abel Tasman, too. The “Map Maker” label depicts both their travels and Ruud’s journey to make exceptionally vibrant Marlborough wines.

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Stone Bay

New Zealand

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Stone Bay brings you the essence of New Zealand’s special vineyards, its unique Maori history and its geography in this finely crafted wine of superb quality.

New Zealand, or Aotearoa as it is also known in the local Maori language, means ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. It is a land of beauty and splendour, rugged mountain ranges, braided rivers and vast oceans. Therefore it seems only fitting that Stone Bay, our special New Zealand hand-crafted wine, should be adorned with a Maori fish carving.

Maori carvings are unique symbolic artifacts and are often worn proudly by many in New Zealand. Maori legend is inextricably linked with the sea – the God Maui created New Zealand by hauling the land from the sea with a giant fishhook.

Our country is a land of snowcapped mountain ranges, dense native forest and a coastline that can be rugged and spectacular, sublime in its contrast.

The South Island is dominated by the mountains of the Southern Alps, ground out by glaciers over many thousands of years, which have deposited gravel and stones in our rivers, bays and coastline.

These same river silts, stones and gravels have created the soils of Marlborough and a unique environment for the growing of grapes, an area now recognized globally as one of the finest terroirs for producing Sauvignon Blanc in the world.

Stone Bay reflects our land of rugged mountains, stony rivers and all the beauty that is New Zealand and at the same time, is reflected in the soils and essence of the fine wines we produce.

By naming this wine Stone Bay we have taken our inspiration from New Zealand’s special environment, its traditional owners, and reflected in this finely structured wine of superb quality.


New Zealand

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New Zealand or Aoteroa as it is fondly known in the local Maori language, means the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'. It is a land of beauty and splendour complete with rugged mountain ranges, dense forest and fiordland glorious in its unspoilt habitat. New Zealand is home also to the large and majestic native Southern Rata, a tree typically found in the South Island.

The Rata is a magnificent tree that blooms in summer with masses of bright red flowers nestled amongst the greenery. These superb flowers attract a number of native bird species and bees that enjoy feeding on the nectar.

We have aptly named our wine Rata, taking our inspiration from New Zealand's beautiful and special environment, flora and fauna.

Rata is our lighter in alcohol wine which retains the great quality and distinctive taste that is Marlborough, a region now firmly established as one of the world's outstanding Sauvignon Blanc terroirs.




New Zealand

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The English translation of ‘Mouku’ is the 'hen and chicken’s fern' a plant that has a long history in New Zealand.

In keeping with the Marlborough Wines philosophy of drawing inspiration from the landscape, the flora and the fauna of New Zealand, we created this wine as a tribute to this plant that is found in the native forests and streams of the country.

In pre European times, the Maori people had a high regard for the plant. The juice was drunk and the root eaten with relish. Very young fronds of the Mouku were gathered when they were four to six inches high and cooked in a hangi with kumara. Tender as asparagus and reputedly not unlike it in taste.

When we discovered this, it seemed a perfect opportunity for to us to pay tribute to this heritage with a wine that reflects these qualities. The young Mouku fronds were sometimes cooked and left in water for a few weeks. Early European settlers to New Zealand commented that this had "a perfect combination of sweetness and acid" and was considered a great luxury.

At Marlborough Wines we have sought both to reflect the heritage and bring into the contemporary world this excellent combination, which the terroir of Marlborough offers in a wine of fine character and taste.

Mouku is truly inspired by the nature and history of New Zealand for your enjoyment today.

Marlborough Vines

New Zealand

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Marlborough Vines brings you the essence of New Zealand’s special vineyards, its winemaking history and its geography in this finely crafted wine of superb quality.

New Zealand or Aotearoa as it is also known in the local Maori language, means ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. It is a land of beauty and splendor, rugged mountain ranges, braided rivers and vast oceans.

The distinctive foliage of the grape vine signifies strength and beauty. We have captured this in our wines that have been finely crafted for your enjoyment. Therefore it seemed only fitting to name our wine Marlborough Vines.

The South Island of New Zealand is renown for producing award winning wines, the terroir of this land being particularly suited to certain grape varieties, and it is these vines that provide us with our splendid fruit. 

Our stable of ‘fine wines’ labeled Marlborough Vines are to be enjoyed and shared of course!

South Sea

New Zealand

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Stewart Island/Rakiura is New Zealand’s third largest and southernmost island and lies at the edge of the Southern Ocean. Famed for its sunset and Aurora Australis, the southern lights, it is also home to the South Sea Hotel, a local Landmark.

Marlborough Brook

New Zealand

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Marlborough Brook brings you the essence of New Zealand’s special vineyards, its winemaking history and its geography in this finely crafted wine of superb quality.

New Zealand, or Aotearoa as it is also known in the local Maori language, means ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. It is a land of beauty and splendor, rugged mountain ranges, braided rivers and vast oceans. Marlborough Brook our New Zealand hand-crafted wine reflects this nature.

Marlborough Brook pays homage to the small streams or ‘brooks’ that feed the great rivers of Marlborough and make winemaking in the valleys of the Wairau and Awatere regions possible.

We have taken our inspiration from New Zealand’s special environment and reflected it in this finely structured wine.

This classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is both crisp and refreshing. A wine to be shared and enjoyed like the many running brooks of Marlborough.

Marlborough Mountains

New Zealand

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Our motivation for making Marlborough Mountains comes from the stunning contrasts in Marlborough, of the land and the sea.

There is the grandeur of the Kaikoura ranges, their snow-capped splendour standing out brilliantly against the blue sky. These are the northernmost extension of the vast Southern Alps and aptly named the ‘Looker-on’ mountains by Captain James Cook. On a fine clear day in winter these snow-clad ranges can be viewed across the Cook Strait in Wellington. 

Also the breathtaking beauty of the Marlborough Sounds is also complemented by the splendour of the ranges and mountains within this region. We take our inspiration from the environment and reflect it is this fine wine of great quality and structure with the distinctive taste that is Marlborough, a region renowned as being the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc producing terroir.